Here is some software I wrote for GNU/Linux. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2 or the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1, respectively.

Applications / Libraries
cdloop is a audio-CD-Player with special looping capabilities intended for musicians who want to analyze or play along parts of a CD. The boundaries of the looped area on the CD can be adjusted in small steps and cdloop can pause before repeating the loop again so you ´stay in the groove´. You can save your loop boundaries as bookmarks. cdloop runs under GNU/Linux with guile-gtk. It is written in C++ and features an embedded scheme interpreter, so you can configure to do anything.
Screenshot of cdloop.
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GNU Emacs
ll-debug is an emacs extension that provides commands to support a low level debug style. It features quick insertion of various debug output statements and improved functions for (un)commenting chunks of code.
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query-replace-by-example is an emacs extension that tries to save a few keystrokes when doing a query-replace. You do an example of the needed change in the buffer and query-replace-by-example tries to apply that change to the other occurences of the original string. You don't have to type out the complete old and new string into the minibuffer.
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apropos-toc is a replacement for the standard apropos mechanism in emacs that was inspired by the (in my opinion nicer looking) apropos buffer in XEmacs. It has a clearly arranged output buffer with separate sections for functions and variables.
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Games for Janka
Here are some simple games I wrote for my daughter Janka. She enjoyed them back when she was three years old.
Jankas gelbes Mondgesicht Spiel
This is a game where you can learn to type. Here, here and here are three screenshots. Jankas gelbes Mondgesicht Spiel runs with Python and Tkinter.
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Jankas Labyrinth Spiel
In this game you have to collect and take home letters in a labyrinth. The letters form short (german) words. Here is a screenshot from the middle of the game, here is a completed word. Jankas Labyrinth Spiel runs with Python and Tkinter.
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